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The jamale davis group


"The main focus is the Work..." Consisting of a collective of musicians dedicated to playing the highest quality of modern jazz music- respecting the past/present/futuristic traditional art of harmony, rhythm and melody.  


Double Bass / Jamale Davis

Bass Clarinet / Stefano Doglioni
Guitar / Pasquale Grasso
Drums / Charles Goold


News & Updates



The Work is finally here!! the new record, released on October 3, 2017,is called We Worked In The Bricks.. by the Jamale Davis Group, with special guest tenor saxophonist Stephen Riley!!

This is the second project from The Jamale Davis Group, which features:

Stefano Doglioni, bass clarinet

Pasquale Grasso, guitar

Charles Goold, drums

Jamale Davis, double bass 

In following what I challenge myself to be a tradition with each project, starting with the featured appearance of tenor saxophonist Ned Goold on my debut album titled Workers' Comp (released October of last year), the featured presence of Stephen Riley adds a sense of excitement that I'm so honored to document and share with all! The combination of such unique tones that Stefano and Stephen provides throughout this albumis worth spending some time diggin..

The selection of compositions features the works of not only such acclaimed masters like Jackie McClean, Donald Byrd and Phil Woods, but we also 'work through the bricks' of tunes from some of my contemporary sources of inspiration like tenor saxophonists Chris Byars, Ned Goold and Pasquale Grasso contributes a gem of a tune.



We Worked In The Bricks.. can be purchased on NOW!! Check it out and I hope you enjoy the work!!!



Workers' Comp

by Jamale Davis

Released on October 3, 2015, Workers' Comp is the the debut album of Jamale Davis. This album also features the incomparable Ned Goold on tenor saxophone...